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We are your Informed Advocates

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The medical insurance world is often confusing and can be overwhelming to navigate. You deserve an advocate that is an expert in this field.  My passion is helping clients turn their problems into workable solutions.


With over 20 years of healthcare financial management experience, we can advocate for patients in ways your insurance will not. We audit medical bills for redundant charges and errors and then negotiate on your behalf to lower your bills saving your family money and time. In addition, we help insured clients pay only the necessary charges while also protecting uninsured patients from facing “full retail pricing” by negotiating with service providers to settle on a reasonable rate. 


As a Healthcare Entrepreneur and Experienced Executive, Revenue Cycle Management and Operations, I along with my team have seen it all. We have a strong understanding of how billing and health insurance coverages are structured and can identify the errors in your claims.  All clients receive a free consultation to discuss their case and possible savings. We immediately begin organizing and negotiating on your behalf, and you only pay a percentage of your bill savings. We strive to make surprise medical expenses more manageable, and our clients never have to pay additional fees for our services and expertise. We only make money when you save money. It is our goal to earn your trust and respect while saving you money.

I have grown to know my passion which is to advocate for patients in ways your insurance will not and help people turn their problems into workable solutions. But most importantly, I am a mother, wife, honest, and caring person willing to support my community. And I as my father says, “Someone has to do it. So, who better than yourself”.

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