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We are your Informed Advocates

We empower patients to navigate the intricacies of medical billing. As leaders of patient advocacy, we help clients obtain equitable pricing for the quality of care received. Our mission is to bridge the gap between provider billing services and the community the medical industry was intended to serve. 

Your Medical Bill Savings Process 

One-on-One Personal Advocates Work for You

Medical procedures and billing are exhausting and often confusing processes. We listen, guide, and advocate for patients as they dive into their medical bills. We want to hear about your billing concerns and medical situation to see if our service is a match for billing needs. Once clients have completed their consultation, they are matched with a Patient Advocate that will follow their case start to finish. You always have a trustworthy, consistent point of contact for questions and communication. 

Experienced Bill Reviews

We have years of experience navigating the medical insurance world, which makes our team uniquely qualified to find savings in your bill review. We know where over-charges, billing errors, and negotiation points hide in your paperwork. All of your medical information is collected in a private HIPAA compliant patient portal. We comb through these documents as a team to find your maximum bill savings. 

We Handle the Back and Forth

We negotiate these billing issues and charges on your behalf. Our industry experience makes it fast and easy to identify who we need to speak to and how to position your case for success. 

How We Save on Large Common Medical Costs

With the ever so changing healthcare industry, patients often endure high premiums while still having high deductibles and out of pocket medical costs. In addition, patients don’t know when they are going to an in network versus out of network provider or having a service performed by a provider that is within the network. 

Patients also have to deal with inflated charges based on the type of medical facility services are received. We're here to help work through all these complicated issues.

We help navigate bills for Surprise Procedures, Emergency Room Fees, Out of Network Charges, and more. 

Done Deal
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